20 Tools AdSense Publishers Need to Use

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Becoming a successful AdSense publisher requires wearing many hats. You need unique content, a good design, and the right tools.

We did an in-depth search for apps and tools to help you make the most of your AdSense account. 

Most of the original AdSense tools no longer exist. If you’ve been looking, but running into dead ends, keep reading! In this article, we’ll be going over 20 of the most up-to-date and helpful versions. Let’s get started!

iPhone and Android Apps

Although the official Google AdSense apps depreciated in 2020, there are still a few smartphone apps that can help you manage your AdSense account on the go. 

1. ADBoard for iOS

This iPhone app provides basic AdSense reporting, even on your Apple smartwatch. It has an uncluttered interface that’s succinct. With ADBoard, you can monitor:

  • Real-time earnings for today, yesterday, this month, last month, and lifetime
  • AdSense payment history
  • Pageviews
  • Impressions
  • Clicks

2. My Earnings from AdSense for iOS

The application displays detailed AdSense data such as:

  • Amount of money earned
  • Number of requests
  • Fill Rate[10]
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Clickthru Rate
  • RPM

3. Adsense Management Tool for iOS

The AdSense Management app has a nice layout and displays more detailed information than most other AdSense apps we’ve found. With this iOS app, you can track:

  • Current Period: Estimated Earnings[1]
  • Daily Earnings
  • Monthly Earnings
  • eCPM[2]
  • AdMob Requests
  • Matched Requests
  • Impressions
  • Impress CTR[3]
  • Clicks
  • Show Rate
  • Match Rate

4. Notifications for Adsense Free for Android

This android version is another basic app that notifies you whenever AdSense money gets added to your account. The notification includes earnings, pageviews, and clicks.

5. Google Analytics[4] App for iOS and Android

Another helpful app for AdSense publishers is the official Google Analytics app. This app lets you track your website traffic in real-time and see which pages perform well. You can also use it to find out where your visitors are coming from and what they’re doing on your site.

Both Android and iOS Versions are available.

Mac Apps

Since all of the AdSense apps for Mac, such as MacAdSense, are now outdated or deprecated, we can’t recommend any. There definitely is a need for an updated version of an AdSense app for Mac. Please look below for web apps and tools you can use on your Mac instead.

Google is trying to steer people into using the browser version of AdSense on all devices, so that’s probably a contributing factor to the lack.

Web Apps &amp[5]; Tools

AdSense publishers need to track their earnings, manage sites, and optimize their placements. Here are the web apps and tools we found to help with these tasks. 

6. AdSense Revenue Calculator

The official Google calculator for publishers to check what they’ll potentially earn on their site by placing AdSense on it. You enter your location and website category, and it gives you a figure in return. The minimum number of monthly pageviews in the calculator is 50,000, but you could fraction it out if your site gets less.

7. YouTube Money Calculator

Since YouTube video ads[11] are also AdSense, we’ve included this handy YouTube AdSense calculator as well. All you need is your channel URL, and the calculator takes care of the rest.

8. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a free web tool that allows AdSense publishers to test the speed of their web pages. You simply input the URL of your website, and within moments you’ll get a score.

The score for each page depends on how quickly it loads. Publishers can use this score to improve the speed of their pages and ultimately improve their AdSense revenue.

9. Google Ad Planner

If you’re looking for a free way to do keyword research, use Google Ad Planner. The Ad Planner is an excellent tool for finding keywords that are relevant to your website or blog. This information can be very valuable when it comes to choosing keywords for your content.

You’ll also see how often keywords get searched each month and how much advertisers pay for ads in the Google ad network[8].

The competition column reveals if advertisers are bidding for a particular keyword or not. The higher the bidding frenzy, the more you’ll earn from that keyword. Use this data to decide if you want to create content for that keyword or not.

10. Google Search Console[6]

Google Search Console is useful for optimizing your content, fixing site errors, and ensuring your pages get indexed in Google. All of these things are vital for any AdSense Publisher[12].

11. Ad Inserter

Sometimes you want to manually insert your AdSense ads rather than let Google take over with auto ads. If you have a WordPress-based website, the Ad Inserter plugin will help you do that easily. 

It offers built-in AdSense integration out of the box. You can use it to insert code in banners, widgets, headers, and in-content.

12. WriterZen

Establish topical authority on your AdSense website for higher Google rankings and more traffic. WriterZen is a complete content tool from start to finish, touted as “One SEO tool to rule them all.” 

With it, you can discover topic ideas, perform keyword research, build content pillars, and get competition insights to create the ultimate AdSense content.

13. SpyFu

SpyFu is a research tool that provides information on keyword CPC[9] from Google AdWords. This is useful for publishers who want to know how much they can expect to earn from their AdSense ads.

SpyFu is also useful for spying on your competition. You’ll learn things like what keywords they’re ranking for and their monthly organic clicks.

14. Generate Press WordPress Theme

The foundation of your web empire rests on your website. Get that part right, and you have a stable base to build upon. If you create sites with WordPress, the fastest theme you can get is Generate Press.

Since Google values fast websites and AdSense publishers value high Google rankings, the correlation makes sense. Higher rankings mean more traffic and, in turn, more ad revenue. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

15. Canva

Canva is a free online image-making app. It’s simple to use and easy to get started with. With Canva, you can create stunning graphics and professional-looking images with just a few clicks.

Canva is perfect for creating featured images, banners, and social media materials. Coordinate your designs to match your brand’s look and feel. And with Canva’s built-in search engine, you can find the perfect images for your project in seconds.

For AdSense publishers, Canva is a great way to create high-quality images for your site.

16. RankMath

Rankmath is a WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your website for better search engine rankings. It does this by helping you choose the right keywords for your website and then optimizing your website’s content and structure for those keywords.

Rankmath also makes it easy to track your progress over time, so you can see how well your SEO[7] efforts are paying off. With it, you’ll achieve better search engine rankings and, ultimately, more traffic and revenue.

17. SurferSEO

This tool guides you while writing articles so that you create a piece of content that’ll rank on the first page of Google. It examines the top rankings and shows you which keywords to include, how many headers and images you need, and the word count to shoot for.

They also have a nice feature that helps you audit your existing pages. 

Chrome & Firefox Extensions

Chrome is Google’s official browser, so there are more options for AdSense publishers that use it than Firefox.

18. AdSense Active View Monitor for Chrome

This is a Chrome extension to monitor requests for AdSense Active View occurring on their website. The extension will alert you if an ad unit[13] causes AdSense Active View. You’ll know that the ad unit got viewed.

The notification includes both the ad slot ID number and the page URL.

19. Adwizard for Chrome

Adwizard is a Chrome extension that lets AdSense publishers view data on their AdExchange and Prebid Ads. It also helps you easily view all the ad units on a page, as well as block ads that you no longer want to show on your site.

20. Keywords Everywhere for Chrome and Firefox

Keywords Everywhere shows you search volume, CPC, Ad competition, and trend data for keywords as you search. You can also view the top keywords for any website in the top 20 rankings, plus how much traffic it gets—all without leaving your browser’s search page.

Whew! That concludes our up-to-date comprehensive list of helpful tools for AdSense publishers. We hope these tools are valuable and that they help you in your journey to success.

1. Estimated Earnings. Estimated earnings often showcase your ad earnings for a given period. However, estimated earnings are subject to change as ad earnings get verified for accuracy at the end of each month.
2. Effective Cost Per Thousand Impression [eCPM] ( eCPM ) eCPM is known as the effective cost per thousand impressions and is a metric used by publishers to determine the actual rate they’re earning from their ad inventory. eCPM is calculated by taking your (total ad earnings/impressions) x 1000.
3. Click-Through-Rate [CTR] ( CTR ) CTR relates to how many times users clicked on an ad divided by the number of times that ad was displayed to users.
4. Google Analytics. This is Google’s traffic tracking and analytics tool that gives publishers insight into traffic origins, popular pages on their website and much more.
5. Accelerated Mobile Pages [AMP] ( amp ) Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project supported by Google to provide web publishers with a way to serve web page very quickly for mobile devices.

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