Contributor Guidelines is growing! We're looking to publish curated columns and articles by the industry’s key stakeholders from strategists and subject matter experts to brands and leaders. We welcome submissions from those interested in writing.

How can I write a column that will be accepted?

We like hearing from professionals who are working in the industry and can share valuable information about how our readers can do their jobs better and make a better impact in the industry.

The best articles are written with a clear voice and that brings their expertise and personality into it. This is especially important because you're name is on the article.

However, we still turn down pieces that aren’t a fit for us. The decision to publish is strictly at the discretion of's editorial team.

Please find our detailed guidelines below.

What do you need to submit?

Send us a short paragraph outlining the column's or article's main arguments. We will review it and let you know if we'd like to see a full draft.

Send us a short bio about you and a headshot. Optional: include your Twitter handle or the company Twitter handle if you’d like us to link to it in the column.

Can I share my column?

We encourage contributors to share their articles to your social media network or calling it out in internal or external company emails.

When sharing an article, you must only use an excerpt and link to your work on Do not copy/paste the entire column elsewhere.

Your article must be exclusive to Your article may be reprinted on company or personal blogs one week after publication at but may not be reprinted at other publications.

Who can write for

We're looking for professionals who work in the ad tech space.

What should you write about?

We value columns that discuss a specific issue or pain point or controversial argument. Columns that share information and best practices are also encouraged.

Please cite the original source whenever possible (statistics, quotes, facts, etc)!

Can you talk about my own business?

Please refrain from referencing your company's business model, practices, products, research, etc.

Your company can be mentioned and linked from the bio, but avoid mentioning the company in the story because it too easily becomes self-promotional.

How do you get started?

If you would like to submit your short paragraph for contributed content and bio, please email and a member of the team will respond.

Sponsored Content Opportunities

Separate from our thought leadership contributor program, offers limited native content opportunities allowing sponsors to reach our audience with relevant content. For more on this program, please contact our team at


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